About Us

We could say that Church's® started back in 1952. But the truth is, Church's® starts every day, before the sun comes up, when we roll out of bed and begin scratch- making, hand-battering, and honey-butter- drizzling like there’s no tomorrow. Unfortunately, a timeline that shows us being founded everyday for the last 60- something years would be really hard to follow, so below, you’ll find a more traditional one that tells our story. Just know we’re hard at work and ready for you and your family to help us write the next chapter. 


His name is George W. Church, Sr. and he’s the reason you crave chicken so much. Thank you, George, from the bottoms of our taste buds.

George W. Church, Sr. opens Church’s Fried Chicken-To- Go in downtown San Antonio across from the Alamo.

Churchie™ becomes the brands' loveable mascot.


Church's® has more than 100 restaurants in seven states.

George W. (Bill) Church, Jr. takes over the company after his dad’s passing.


Church's® becomes a publically held company. Church's® National Headquarters complex opens in San Antonio, Texas.

Church's® joins the NY Stock Exchange. The Wall Street Journal calls Church's® “the best managed growth company in the nation.”

The first Church's® Franchise opens outside of the U.S. in Vancouver, Canada.

Our restaurant takes on a new look.

1000th Church's® opens up

in Phoenix, Arizona

New ad campaign differentiates Church's® from the competition.

New ad campaign created to face the competitive. “Kick the Bucket” call-to- action goes head- to-head with another chicken chain.

Church's® brand new Big Chicken Sandwich sets company record! Close to 1,400 sold in one day.

Church's® gets another facelift. Colors are updated to green, white, and orange.

First Texas Chicken® opens in Indonesia.


AFC, the new parent company of Church's Chicken®, moves Church's® headquarters to Atlanta, Georgia.

After 12 years with AFC,Church's® is acquired by a private equity firm and is no longer associated with any other brands.



Global sales exceed 1,000,000,000.

That’s a lot of chicken!

-100 th Texas Chicken location opens in United Arab Emirates.


Texas&Church’s Chicken operate over 1700 locations worldwide in 24 countries.

Texas Chicken restaurant opens in Belarus.